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Mellanie True Hills Speaking

Be Motivated and Inspired to Soar to Greater Heights

Mellanie revitalizes individual and organizational health and productivity. Through her personal story of battling the #1 killer, heart disease, and atrial fibrillation, a leading cause of the #3 killer, stroke, Mellanie provides a wake-up call that helps audiences create permanent change. Her engaging stories and powerful messages, gleaned from her many years in the corporate trenches and her extensive life experience, equip attendees with tools, techniques, and attitudes to overcome adversity, and achieve happiness, success, fulfillment, and health.

Executives say Mellanie delivers solid business results. Audiences leave motivated and energized to accomplish incredible results, saying, You changed my life.

Mellanie provides programs for community atrial fibrillation events, women's heart health events, Go Red for Women® luncheons, healthcare providers, companies, corporations, government agencies, associations, academic groups, and non-profits. Anyone that is stressed and speed-obsessed, or who wants to be healthier and more productive, can benefit from her message. She provides special programs for health care professionals and caregivers.

Mellanie customizes her programs for your audience. Popular choices include:

  • Hear Your Heart: Put YOU First
  • Be Still My Heart: Living with Atrial Fibrillation
  • Heart Choices: A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life
  • Surviving and Thriving in a Hyperbusy World
  • Take a Journey with Me (for Health Care Providers)
  • Heart-Healthy Eating on the Run
  • Take Control: Stay Healthy and Productive in a Speed-Obsessed World
  • Take Control: Create the Plan for Your Life and Health
  • Take Control: Can You Have It All...Success, Balance, and Health?

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To make your job easier, we have brought together in one place the information you need. We hope the links below provide answers to all your questions, but feel free to e-mail us at mhills at or give us a call at 940-466-9898. We're here to partner with you to create the best event possible.

Go Red for Women® is a registered trademark of the American Heart Association. While Mellanie is actively involved with the American Heart Association, this does not imply or constitute their endorsement of her.

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