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Mellanie True Hills Fees and Investment Schedule

Speaker Investment Schedule

Please contact us for our latest Speaker Investment Schedule

  • By e-mail
  • By phone at 940-466-9898

Mellanie is available for keynotes, breakouts, moderating, facilitation, and media interviews. She is willing to come in ahead of time to mix and mingle with your attendees upon request. Please let us know how we can best meet your needs. We can also provide special rates for multiple services.

Let's discuss how we can maximize the learning from your event. Before the event, we can provide articles for your publication and suggest appropriate pre-reading materials. After the event, we can reinforce learning through teleseminars or webinars.

Mellanie travels from Dallas-Ft. Worth. Travel and transportation can be billed at a flat rate. If needed and agreed to, lodging, parking, and gratuities will be billed separately.

We will provide you with handout masters for reproduction.

While you may have surprises in your event budget, they won't be from Mellanie.

Consulting and Coaching Fees

Consulting and coaching are available. Please contact us to discuss your needs and the scope of your project.

  • By e-mail
  • By phone at 940-466-9898

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