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Heart Disease Survivor Motivates and Inspires

Keynoter - Mellanie True Hills

Dear Go Red for Women® Event Planner or Committee Member,  

Are you looking for a keynote speaker to inspire and motivate attendees, move them to action, and get them to open their pocketbooks? Mellanie True Hills, professional speaker and heart disease and atrial fibrillation survivor, makes that happen. Attendees will say "You saved my life." 

Besides almost dying on the operating table during surgery for blockage, and later having blood clots and a close call for stroke, what's unique about Mellanie is that by knowing the symptoms, and recognizing them in time, she saved herself from a heart attack and stroke. Today she makes a difference by helping audiences recognize symptoms and protect themselves from these killers.

As a dedicated American Heart Association advocate and volunteer, she shares your mission and passion for raising women's awareness and helping them avoid heart disease and stroke. Mellanie will be your best friend, helping you create an outstanding event.

Audiences resonate with her message. A recent attendee said, "I could have listened to you for hours," and the meeting planner said, "Your story is so motivating and your presentation really engaged the audience—they were rejuvenated and inspired."

Do you want attendees to take away that hyperbusy lifestyles may be putting them at risk, that they need to put themselves first, or that they need to know the symptoms and prevention? If so, here are Mellanie's Go Red for Women programs that audiences love:

  • Hear Your Heart: Put YOU First Most popular women's heart health speech
  • Heart Choices: A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life
  • Surviving and Thriving in a Hyperbusy World

Does one of these work for you? If not, Mellanie is glad to tailor her message for your goals. She will ensure that attendees leave energized to make changes and with workable ideas and tools

To add a celebrity touch, she can do a book signing of her award-winning A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life so attendees can take home a roadmap and tools to create their own plan.

An important topic and inspiring personal story.
—Colleen Barrett, President, Southwest Airlines

Readers Preference Editor's Choice Award

Please call (940-466-9898) or e-mail (mhills at mellaniehills dot com) right away to discuss how she can help you meet your event goals. She looks forward to helping you create an electrifying program that attendees will remember always.

P.S. By the way, the American Heart Association South Central Affiliate recently honored Mellanie with their 2005 Outstanding Advocate Award for Austin .

P.P.S. In the Foreword to Mellanie's book, Dr. Clyde Yancy, Former President of the American Heart Association and 2003 National Physician of the Year, said: Mellanie has researched an impressive repository of information on heart disease and has crystallized the HEART program designed especially for women. I highly recommend it. 

Hillcrest Health System Go Red for Women®/State of the Heart Symposium

Opening Keynoter: Dr. Kenneth Cooper, CEO, The Cooper Aerobics Center
Closing Keynoter: Mellanie True Hills
Art Hohenberger, CEO, Hillcrest Health System
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About Mellanie True Hills

Please see our event planner resources to provide answers to all your questions, but feel free to e-mail us at mhills at mellaniehills dot com or give us a call at any time at 940-466-9898.

Go Red for Women® is a registered trademark of the American Heart Association. While Mellanie is actively involved with the American Heart Association, this does not imply or constitute their endorsement of her.

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