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Mellanie is the Health & Productivity Revitalizer and speaks, writes, and consults about health, productivity, stress, life balance, dealing with change and adversity, and with a particular emphasis on women's hearts and health.

Below you will find many articles by Mellanie that you are welcome to reprint in your publication or company newsletter. Please include attribution and copyright, which is included in each article. Please let us know what you're using and send us a copy when it's published.



It Kills More Women / One Millimeter to Live (Mellanie's Story)

Put YOU First (What Mellanie learned and what it means to you)

Health. Wellness, and Self-Care



Disaster / Challenges



Heart / Heart Month / Go Red for Women / Stroke

Rest and Relaxation

Risk for African Americans

Women's Health

Life Balance


Facts, Sidebars, and Q&As

Facts and Sidebars

Heart Disease and Stroke Facts and Sidebars—includes Heart Attack Symptoms, Stroke Symptoms, Heart Disease Risk Factors, 15 Facts Women Should Know About Heart Disease and Stroke, and 5 Steps to Health and Avoiding Heart Disease

Stress Facts and Quotes—includes the Impact of Stress on People, Impact of Stress on Companies, and Why Women Have More Stress Than Men


Why should women be concerned about heart disease?

How does a woman know she is having a heart attack?

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