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Reader Comments

Intranet Business Strategies is filled with fresh thinking, sound advice and practical insights for companies of all sizes planning or building an intranet. It is a practical hands-on tool to help companies get an intranet created and adopted by the users within the company. If there's one book you should read on intranets, this is it!

Rick Faulk, VP Marketing, IntraNetics

Great book..... Just writing to compliment you on your excellent book - Intranet Business Strategies. I picked up a copy when I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Right on the mark.... I'm Managing Director of a Sports Photographic Agency in the UK - total staff 40 including 10 photographers traveling the world with Powerbooks, scanners and modems. The book helped crystalise my ideas - and last week spent half a day making up an Intranet myself from simple HTML pages - demos to Management Team have had brilliant response. The EMPICS IntraWEB opens on Friday ... and I'm sure it's going to be a hit..... Off to buy your Groupware book on the WWW now!!!!

Phil O'Brien, Managing Director, EMPICS

Good advice on people/process aspect of starting an Intranet This book (Intranet Business Strategies) focusses on the processes to follow in organising the initial setup of an intranet in a organisation. Hence its most useful to those people in medium to large firms with quite formal IT development processes. I used it as input to writing a feasibility study and found it a valuable source for the development approach. Its significant value lies in the fact its one of the few Intranet "how-to" books which tackles the often-neglected but very necessary topics of getting your $, winning over management, organising your team,etc - all the "peopleware" stuff rather than the in-depth technical programming which can be easily found in other books.

Paul Cleary

Excellent "How-To" get your company ready for the Web. Great book (Intranet Business Strategies) for companies looking for an approach to getting on the Web. Excellent case studies of companies (big ones) that have done it.

J. Battle

I go back to this book (Intranet as Groupware) for insights again and again. With so much hype about intranets and groupware, it was amazing to find a book on these topics whose author: 1) writes from experience; 2) isn't a biased booster; and 3) balances technology issues with a first-rate understanding of the needs of people and organizations. If you want a hands-on, practical, step-by-step guide to understanding groupware and using an intranet to create it, I don't think you will be disappointed with this book. I recommend it highly and happily.

Dave Flack, NetDotDesign, Inc.

I recently took over the task of developing our Intranet...Your book (Intranet Business Strategies) has already had an impact on our Intranet's future.

Matthew Aman, First Tech Federal Credit Union

I read one of your essays ("How Intranets Are Changing You and Your Organization")... I just wanted to thank you for your clear comments and congratulate you on a powerful, logical, thorough style. ... Once again, big thanks for the great writing.

Gérard Wiseman, Manager, Business Development
The Fantastic Corporation(tm)

After reviewing a great number of Intranet books, I have found that Intranet as Groupware to be the most practical, understandable guide for the development and implementation of real-world Intranet applications.

Bruce Sinclair, Managing Director, Mexico Direct


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